Used Azden FMX-DSLR 2 channel audio mixer

Boston, Massachusetts


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Richard Fomo

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This unit is an analog 2 channel mixer, with some pro features, to be used to feed a DSLR or mirrorless camera that typically has a stereo mini input to take in external audio. The FMX-DSLR is not a recorder; it will feed your DSLR type camera with 2 separated sources; or you can mix them. This mixer has 2 XLR mic inputs (with optional phantom power via switches on the underside of the unit), two 1/8" mini inputs for consumer microphones; plus two 1/8" mini outputs (to your camera, to your headphones). There are also RCA type receptacles for speakers or other peripherals that use that type of connector. This unit operates on battery only: 4 AA batteries. Since there is no recording and never more than 2 channels of sound being processed (L and R); and you can opt to not use phantom power, this unit operate 6 to 8 hours a day on those 4 AA batteries.

This unit is meant to get around double system sound when you're using a DSLR. That's it. The above paragraph describes the input side. The output side has 3 pots: channel L, channel R, and Monitor. Output is controlled by one switch: mono or stereo. The routing of the inputs is also controlled on this "output" side: under CH L, you select either mic 1 or mic 2 to be routed to the Left channel; you do the same for CH R. You also select what range the input gain should be: high or low impedance. And that's it.

Run and gun with a DSLR camera and 2 wireless lavs or a lav and a boom: you can eliminate the step of replacing scratch audio with this unit.