pd-1 doorway dolly


Cherry Hill, New Jersey


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john presutto

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A Cost efficient fisher dolly. Has built in skate wheels to make easy transition from track to ground. Very smooth boom and easy counter balance system. The heaviest load I had on it was an arri alexa with a master prime, arri studio matte box, ab140 brick. 7 inch monitor on a 150mm sachtler cine head. Instead of renting track I go to home depot and buy hardboard instead of track and achieve the same smooth shots without expensive track. The PD-1 brings a revolutionary new concept to camera dollies. There's no hydraulic system, no electrical system, no pumping required and no counterweights to lug around, and it still gives smooth up and down camera movement. Since we've eliminated all those complex systems, we've also eliminated all the maintenance that goes along with them. In addition to the simplicity of the boom system, we've made the PD-1 fold up into a very compact size so it can easily be put into almost any type of vehicle, making this the perfect choice for students and small productions. Includes: Mitchell plate, 75mm and 100mm ball head adapter 8"camera rise Seat A custom ATA road case for easy transport that can fit in elevators and doors