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EVS IP Director. Removed from working facility recently, previously connected to two EVS XT2+ units.

11 - IP Engine (PERM)
15 - IP Access (PERM)
20 - IP Logger (PERM)
30 - IP Browser (PERM)
40 - Ingest scheduler (PERM)
50 - Production Playlist (PERM)
70 - IP Viewer Viewer (PERM)

EVS IP Director Suite allows ingesting control, metadata management, on-the-fly editing, and playout scheduling – all managed from a single interface.

The dynamic applications and tools can be used to suit any production requirements and the Windows-based GUI makes it easy to learn and use. This suite will allow you to easily ingest, log, manage, track, search, edit, create clips and ultimately play out any video or audio content instantly. Even during the most demanding recording process, IP Director will guarantee you a successful ingest.

The production database explorer offers an intuitive overview and research tools for all the media, clips, playlists, edits and logs available on the network, viewable via a practical thumbnail display. Metadata can be transferred to and from third-party and post-production equipment via export of XML files.

Main Applications

Sports Production
TV Entertainment Production
Broadcast & News Production
Ingest & Tape Migration
Archive & Content Management
Broadcast Delay and Content control
Content Production Management Suite
Production Network Management
Ingest Control
Metadata Management
On-The-Fly Editor
Ipedit Real-Time Server-Based Editor