been running my own video production co. for the last few years but recently accepted a FT job. Cleaning out shop as this is basically all dead weight now.

selling everything as a package for now; not willing to sell individual items just yet but will update if/when that changes.

see full list of equipment here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MYtG0ds_xVMAcGESD_ZqAT_eH2oI4lAC62XVDUt4UZ4/edit#gid=0

honestly there's a ton of items that i didn't even include on the list; monitors, matte boxes, etc etc

also selling my business www.HandiworkMedia.com -- we still get a ton of organic leads several per week from google. lots of weddings and small businesses.

feel free to email or give me a call