TV Set Designs Complete Strong News Set

Detroit, Michigan


Miscellaneous Equipment for sale

Jonathan Sessions

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This complete broadcast studio design addresses nearly any need. The layout of this set lends itself toward news, talk, or educational broadcasts due to how well it both compliments and directs focus toward the talent in the middle.

This was a custom set created for an in-studio show that we have done for the past five years. However, my production team has retired this set. It's in good shape and is looking for a new home in a studio.

You get enough to build three floating walls, each with its own led lightbar and you get two halves of a column that can attach to any floating wall or be on its own.

These items are very large and heavy, around 960 ibs when properly packed and will require a shipping pallet. As of right now we are still encountering some manpower issues due to covid and work from home rules. With that being said we currently prefer that the buyer does a local pickup.