I had this desk custom designed by Omniraw (go to contact page on website, middle picture, but you could also go to the Omnirax site). I had doors put on the front cabinets for workstations. There's a large area down below for drives, workstation, printer, etc... There's also a top section for monitors, but I use it for audio monitors and external hard drives. desk is 86" wide, 36" height, and 52" deep. This desk has served me well, but I'm moving and it won't fit in my new place, which I'm heartbroken about. I paid $2,100, I have the receipt, and the instruction manual. I'm in central NJ, so you would have to pick it up and it's too much to ship, plus we'd have to take it apart together, so you could see it in person first. Any questions, call or write me. Thanks