Canon 15.5-47mm CN-E T2.8 Cinema style lens with PL and EF mount

St. Petersburg, Florida


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William Mills

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The Canon CN-E T2.8 L S PL Mount Compact Zoom Lens is a lightweight zoom lens capable of meeting industry standards for film and broadcast productions. This lens is designed to be used with 4K resolution cameras and has a minimum object distance of 19.68", an ideal lens for shooting in limited spaces or capturing tight close-ups. Both lens options have a consistent f/2.8 maximum aperture throughout their respective zoom ranges, which makes it easier to shoot high-quality footage under low-light conditions. The lens also utilizes geared inner focusing for reducing focus breathing to almost zero.

This lens comes with the Duclos adapter with both PL and EF mount. Also available as a package with Canon 30-105mm CN-E lens and pelican case. Please inquire about package price.