The Video Manager manages all of U.S. Soccer’s development of production methods within the video department, including pre-production, production and post-production. This position oversees the day-to-day workflow and management of video production, manages video staff, sets the overall video approach and style, and serves as the point of contact for all video content for each department within the organization. The position will drive the creation of quality video content that will be distributed on, mobile apps, social media networks and other platforms to drive and increase usage, engagement and retention.

Primary Duties

Contributes heavily to the development of production methods within the department:
Pre-Production: Planning, Organizing Shoots, Researching Equipment, Laying out Detailed Methods and Approaches
Production: On-site Management of Personnel and of Process
Post-Production: Executing, Distributing Work Amongst the Department, Moving Pieces from post to export and distribution, technical/creative review and approval
Point of contact for video content within the organizations and other departments
Point of contact for content videographers and freelancers (editors, shooters, etc.)
Manages Video Department hiring process
Liaises with other departments to plan out production needs and goals
Oversee day to day workflow and management of video production team
Stays up to date with current industry standards of video production equipment and evaluates and determines if something would be a valuable asset to the department.
Point of contact for Keycode Media, U.S. Soccer’s digital infrastructure vendor
Pushes the stylistic sensibility of U.S. Soccer video forward in a meaningful way
Develops and implements new techniques to keep U.S. Soccer video content contemporary
Evaluates existing methods and style choices and determines whether or not they are viable and worth continuing
Leads creative approach, brining new content ideas and methods forward to improve production

Experience / Skills

Bachelor’s degree, preferably in a content production field
4-5 years of experience in content production and creation
3-5 years of management experience
Ability to manage staff and lead overall content team to achieve goals
Project management skills to oversee video schedules and deadlines of varying lengths
Passion for new technology and ability to determine ways to incorporate into projects
Strong verbal and interpersonal communication skills
Expertise in best practices for video shooting and editing
Specific knowledge of soccer is a plus but not a requirement; more important is the knowledge and ability to adapt to the environment surrounding a high-level professional sports team
Quick learner who can function well in fast-paced, team-oriented environment
Full-time position, minimum 40 hour work week with travel required
Working at U.S. Soccer is a unique opportunity. Employees who work at U.S. Soccer have the following attributes:

Adopt a company centric approach—Serve the Athlete and the Fan
Embrace and see learning as a lifelong pursuit
Possess a growth mindset—keeps an open mind and seeks new challenges
Practice self-assessment and self-reflection
Open to criticism and does not make excuses
Possess a tireless work ethic
Wants to be part of a team that wins
Has the ability to be firm but fair
Communicate in a direct, open and honest manner
Build relationships through genuine interpersonal skills

About U.S. Soccer

We are U.S. Soccer and we are the future of sport in the United States. Our mission is to make soccer the preeminent sport in the United States. We embrace diversity, technology and global connections to drive the growth of our sport and serve our athletes and fans. We are seeking motivated, passionate, skillful people who can think, create and work on a team.

U.S. Soccer is a growing company that looks for team members to grow with it. U.S. Soccer offers a comprehensive compensation package, casual work environment, an inclusive culture and an atmosphere for professional development.