Capsule Position Description:

Report to the Coordinating Producer and work closely with the Department VP and other managers in the unit. Office Hours weekdays. Extra hours and weekend days may be needed on Game Days/Events and some out of office work may come up at G1C or off-site.

Key Responsibility Areas in order of importance (KRA’s):

Create and Maintain the Production shooting and editing schedule including managing the content requests
Manage and support as needed for ENG shoots, edits and productions
Create itineraries for and Advise shooters/editors/producers on production plan for all shoots and projects
Manage the meeting schedule(s) for the Entertainment and Video Departments
Manage and process travel expenses and generate purchase orders for reimbursements for the AV, Entertainment and Video departments
Be present at all or as many department meetings as possible, participate in creative and send out recap notes following the meetings.
Traffic radio and television commercials as directed by Partnerships
Assist in the coordination and integration of interns into the Video, GFX, Game day and AV departments.
Manage the Production Office space(s) to ensure everyone has the supplies needed and coordinate key department meetings, lunches, birthdays and other department events
Assist Game director, producer and stage with various aspects of logistics for acts and entertainment.
Assist in the management of travel arrangements for radio, TV and production
Track and create spreadsheet for TV Broadcast Ratings
Support Video Production by logging, media mgmt., and research for shoot and edits
Assist and help maintain the Video Production Department’s budget
Assist with processing Purchase Orders and timesheets
Occasionally perform other duties outside of their normal job description as necessary and as assigned.

Experience / Skills


Bachelor’s Degree
2-5 years’ experience in sports and/or news television or big media big event production.
Microsoft Office Experience
Knowledge of editing and cameras a bonus.

Note: When you apply for this job online, you will be required to answer the following questions:

1. Why do you want to work for the Kings in this capacity?
2. What makes you uniquely qualified for this position?
3. What experience, if any do you have in shooting and editing?
4. What are your salary requirements?