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Responsible for operations and day-to-day management of production in the Event Center of Infinity Park. This includes but is not limited to production logistics and operations, creating Event Center production-related policies and procedures, establishing and managing production policies, staff and vendor relations. The fundamental reason this classification exists is to direct the operation, maintenance, design, modification, and fabrication of all sound, lighting, mechanical rigging, and related technical systems used in the Event Center.

The position will encompass department operational support inclusive of, but not limited to, organization, department documentation and other duties as required at and for events within the city and facility. The Director of Production will have thorough general knowledge of department operational systems such as production technology maintenance, communication/IT capabilities, event sales and marketing team goals and long term business planning. This employee is subject to work varied hours including weekend work.

Experience / Skills

• To communicate clearly and concisely, orally and in writing.
• Skilled in the use of department tools and equipment.
• Ability to anticipate problems and implement immediate corrective action.
• Ability to manage a large enterprise operation.
• Considerable knowledge of event production, personnel and office management.
• Ability to work simultaneously with a broad variety of vested interest groups and to foster a cooperative environment.
• Ability to perform effectively under significant pressure typically associated with meeting the demands and timetables of the event.

About Infinity Park Event Center

Infinity Park Event Center is a world-class facility in the heart of an international destination. Constructed as part of the Infinity Park complex, possibilities at the Event Center extend beyond its walls: Events can extend to the rugby facility’s outdoor spaces, from the intimate terrace to the rugby pitch itself, which can host thousands. Located near Leetsdale and Colorado, the Event Center is easily accessible, and its proximity to Glendale’s dining and entertainment options, the Cherry Creek shopping center, and downtown Denver makes it an ideal location for any event that includes out-of-town guests. Most importantly, the Event Center staff’s deep experience in sales, operations, and production ensures that each event moves seamlessly from client vision to a unique experience each guest will remember.