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This is a Producer/Editor/Content Creator type position with opportunity for growth.

Performance evaluation every 6 months with a performance based raise in pay.

Overall responsibility for managing studio content and media for television, web, OTT, and social media platforms. Responsible for the overall design and implementation of the video/audio production which includes scripts, editing, digitizing, and creating of graphics and artwork. Responsible for planning, creating, and preparing on-camera talent and the production crew for their roles in each project in order to achieve desired performance.

Essential Job Functions
1. Direct talent to achieve the desired performance
2. Conceptualize, develop, produce high production value video assets
3. Ensure all video is filmed correctly with consistency in lighting and audio
4. Responsible for care and upkeep of all studio equipment and supplies
5. Ability to read a waveform graph and vector scope
6. Color grade and correct video
7. Sweeten and mix all audio content
8. Off-loading and backing up footage from cameras
9. Providing guidance to junior members of the production team
10. Setup and operate production and post-production studio equipment
11. Research and understand purpose of film/video being produced
12. Liaison with client(s) to discuss ideas and move projects forward
13. Search, identify, and consult with potential outside resources and distribution
14. Work with PR Coordinator to maintain uniform messages throughout the company’s digital media channels
15. Maintains technical knowledge
16. Contributes to team effort
17. Maintains safe and clean working environment
18. Schedule content to local stations
19. Packaging and distribution of content to outside stations
20. Maintain ROKU video catalogue

Experience / Skills

* A complete understanding of all aspects of production, branding, and digital media design is necessary to attracting and engaging targeted audiences.
* Well versed in digital media design including all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and others.
* Ability to quickly turn around content in a fast-paced environment
* Professional knowledge of social media for video distribution
* Expert in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Audition
* Working knowledge of Linux and Unix systems
* Knowledge of and demonstrable experience with various video and audio formats
* Expert with digital cinema cameras and formats
* High level of technical expertise
* Expert in studio lighting
* Possess multi-tasking abilities
* High degree of attention to detail
* Well versed in storytelling, script writing, and communications.

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree in Video Production or similar

NOTE: Please submit a salary request when applying to this position.

About North Valley Media / Yadtel Telecom

North Valley Media can provide you with full industrial, corporate and episodic television productions. Although we are a small group, we are extremely efficient. We will not waste your money with bloated crews. We’re fun and easy going, yet passionate about getting the job done right!

When you hire us, you can expect us to take your project through every stage of the process from initial development and storyboarding to post-production editing, animation, and voice over. Our goal is to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations and to do so in a manner that provides you with an enjoyable experience.

Our technical skills for camera operation, lighting, audio recording, and editing (including color grading and correcting) are among the highest in our area and we pride ourselves in paying attention to seemingly small details that make noticeable differences.

And once we’re on the job for you, we make it a point to stay in contact. You can reach us anytime, with any concern. We’ll even give you our personal cell numbers!