Rusted Rooster is searching for a Video Editor to join their team. The Video Editor is responsible for all post-production video editing and management. The Video Editor will help create ideas and draw together media into phenomenal content. A keen sense of composition, layout, after effects, and pacing is required.

• Post-production and final delivery of video product that includes digital series, television shows, commercials, and more
• Evaluate and select scenes for pacing, entertainment value and continuity
• Trim shots, edit content to specified lengths, and assemble acts in a way that presents the story with maximum effect
• Review content for quality including technical and editorial corrections
• Modify video and audio levels as required to create phenomenal quality content
• Adhere to post-production processes and guidelines
• Troubleshoot technical issues as required
• Stay abreast of trending techniques in video production

Experience / Skills

• 5 or more years of experience in video editing
• Ability to transform creative ideas and concepts into dynamic visual content
• Working knowledge of hardware/software required for video and audio conversion and compression
• Understanding of video file formats, video analysis and metadata
• Solid foundation with all aspects of video post-production, media archiving and management
• Expert with Adobe Creative Suite and Motion / After Effects (2D)
• Technical knowledge of editing systems, sound design, color correction (DaVinci Resolve) , video production and codec compression standards
• Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to effectively interact within a team environment
• Highly motivated self-starter with a desire to improve skills and work with limited supervision
• Strong attention to detail and the ability to change directions quickly while maintaining a positive attitude
• Ability to organize workload, manage priorities, meet deadlines and work in a fast-paced, multi-tasking environment
• Regular attendance and adherence to a regular work schedule onsite in Midland, MI is an essential function of this position
• Preferred college degree/trade school completion
• Content shooting ability preferred but not required

About Rusted Rooster Media

The amount of creativity that flows through the Rusted Rooster studio, dubbed “the roost” in Northern Michigan, is enough to occasionally cause the lights to surge and flicker. Each morning, Field Producers team up with Editors and the stories captured through the lens come to life. One by one, each project that enters the studio’s brain is painstakingly scrutinized; the storylines, the field production elements, the post-production techniques and the music. The list goes on. Every scrap of footage that runs through the veins of Rusted Rooster is massaged and molded until it finds it’s rightful home within the project. Each member of the Rusted Rooster team has been hand selected for a purpose. The constantly growing teams of field producers work tirelessly day and night to capture. Through glassy eyes, the editors spend hours honing. Cue up the animators, and graphic designers, and before too long a captivating story is born.

Breaking the mold of outdoor television has long been the vision of the trio. Continuing to push the limits and blaze new trails into the world of outdoor production, these three men have committed themselves to only taking part in the most compelling storylines in the outdoor genre. Successfully melding the outdoor lifestyle with mainstream television through an original program, titled Dropped, has only proven to stir the caldron. With a long list of original programs brewing safely in their back pockets, these three creators are constantly challenging themselves to produce only the highest quality outdoor production possible for years to come.