Barnstorm VFX is seeking an Senior Compositor to join our team.

Barnstorm VFX is a boutique visual effects studio located in Burbank, CA. Our team of talented artists provides photo-realistic visual effects for a variety of television and online streaming projects. We pride ourselves in our artists’ talent and dedication to producing world-class visual effects.

Job Requirements:

-Must excel in the following software: Nuke/NukeX, Mocha Pro, Photoshop. After Effects, 3D, and additional software packages are a plus.
-Strong artistic aptitude for shot composition, design, element creation, and/or look development for sequences.
-Capable of inventing creative solutions to challenging shots and ability to break down these complex shots into a group of easier tasks that can be accomplished procedurally.
-Strong ability to set up logical compositing workflows that Junior Artists can understand and use, and the ability to troubleshoot and manage consistency among many artists.
-Able to work on large sequences with a long-term deadline, supervising and delegating tasks to other artists.
-Dependable and reliable: can be counted on to be a turnkey solution on a high-pressure shot with a quick turnaround.
-Strong grasp of 2D and 3D compositing workflows in Nuke (After Effects a plus), as well as EXRs and multi-pass compositing.
-Ability to use Mocha for complex tracking and un-distortion tasks.
-Understanding of 3D tracks and the ability to make and use them in a 3D comp.
-Exceptional compositing skills: able to tackle complex paints, split screens, and fixes with moving cameras and multiple elements, as well as matching multiple plate and CGI elements into scenes.
-Superior knowledge of keying techniques, including advanced spill suppression, mattes, relighting, light wrap, and key mixing (understanding of Keylight, Primatte, and IBK).
-Advanced photographic knowledge of lenses, distortion, and practical shooting, as well as the simulation of these elements in CGI.
-Strong leadership qualities. Able to serve as a mentor to Junior Artists.

Burbank, CA
Salary and Benefits are commensurate with skills.