-Will be responsible for visual explorations and tasks given by the hiring manager
-Will work in design related tasks for Oculus in their different branches (System, Marketing, Design and Research)

Experience / Skills

Minimum Qualifications

-Online portfolio with a minimum of 4 pieces.
-Past experience in Graphic Design
-Experience with Photoshop and Illustrator or any other Bitmap and Vector images creation and manipulation tools.
-Pursuing a BS or MS degree or equivalent in a design related field
-Ability to obtain work authorization in the United States in 2018

Preferred Qualifications

-An interest and knowledge in architecture

About Oculus

The Oculus Design Studio Intern should be an individual who is very passionate about design and details. The ideal candidate would have a good ability or show great potential to convert ideas into visual concepts and executions. An innate respect for Typography and what it represents should be displayed in the body of professional or experimental work. The body of work should show an adventurous design spirit to explore different mediums (paper, paper finishes, ink finishes, displays, computer displays, projectors... etc.). In the journey to find the best medium and method that suits and enhances the project. A strong understanding of Color theory and other Art fundamentals. A constant application and refinement of beautiful compositions, structure and proportions in design should also be shown in the work.