Berklee Online is the world's first - and biggest - online music school, with years of demonstrated excellence in the world of higher education. We offer the right candidate a chance to take part in our fast-paced, entrepreneurial video team - all while maintaining an all-too-rare work/life balance with generous benefits.

The Video Editor will work collaboratively as a member of Berklee Online’s in-house video team to create professional video and media content. This includes non-linear video editing of content for instructor-led courses, MOOCs, and marketing initiatives. This position requires extensive knowledge of post-production including professional video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, creating screen captures, file management, audio mixing, color correction, graphics, animation, working with multiple camera formats, and codecs in a shared asset work environment. Strong attention to detail and the ability to follow brand guidelines and workflow best practices are required.

The Video Editor is responsible for editing, encoding, reviewing, and preparing content for a variety of digital distribution channels and assists in managing and uploading of content to platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and Facebook. This can include adding annotations, titles, descriptions, calls-to-action, thumbnails, and other associated media and metadata to video and media content before it is published.

In addition, the Video Editor is responsible for helping with content creation and video production as needed. This can include: operating cameras, audio recording equipment, setting up lighting, and fulfilling other production duties for location and studio filming.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

-Professional nonlinear editing (NLE) with Adobe Premiere Pro and experience with the entire Adobe Creative Cloud toolset (Photoshop, After Effects, Encoder, etc.)
-Creating and modifying graphics in After Effects.
-Video editing, audio mixing, color correction, animation, and graphics creation.
-Working collaboratively with video producers, editors, stakeholders, etc., to take projects from conception to completion.
-Organizing and tracking assets with file and digital asset management best practices in a shared workflow environment.
-Editing content from provided edit decision lists (EDLs), or independently using personal judgement on best takes, angles, and story structure.
-Editing of virtual reality content.
-Preparing and uploading content to digital distribution channels including YouTube.
-Adding annotations, titles, descriptions, calls-to-action, thumbnails, and other associated media and metadata to video and media content before it is published.
-Archiving projects and video assets.
-Adhering to Berklee Online’s brand and workflow guidelines.
-Quality assurance and attention to detail in creating and reviewing work.
-Assisting with video production as needed.
-Other duties as assigned.

Experience / Skills

Required Skills

-Ability to work collaboratively and follow creative direction.
-Willingness to learn new technologies and techniques as video production standards and workflows evolve.
-Knowledge of RED cameras and working with the REDCODE file format.
-Strong organizational skills, with the ability to meet deadlines, prioritize, and work on multiple projects simultaneously with great efficiency and attention to detail.
-Must be a self-starter with the ability to work in a team-based, fast-paced atmosphere with high standards for quality, accuracy, and innovation.

Required Experience

-Demonstrated video post production expertise, including at least two years of experience in the following areas:
-All areas of post production, including motion graphics creation, color correction, audio mixing, video compression, and online distribution.
-Non-linear, professional editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Adobe Creative Cloud Suite tools, and Telestream ScreenFlow.
-Familiarity with music theory, music business, and music production technologies.
-Willingness to work a flexible schedule, including some nights/weekend as needed.
-Proper operation of video cameras, lights, mics, audio, and camera support equipment.
-Understanding of the entire creative process from ideation to distribution.
-Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution.