Main Responsibilities

-Prepare, assist and complete edits for daily projects.
-Adhering to the Senior Editor’s project management workflow and folder structure, also including label and organization.
-Work with a wide range of digital camera formats and their respective file-based workflows, such as Sony, RED, Alexa, GoPro and iPhone.
-Exporting media to various review and distribution needs.
-Ingest media from a variety of formats, transcoding when necessary.
-Participate in on site productions for DIT/Data Support, review meetings and creative sessions.
-Source music for edits from our music library or 3rd party music vendors. Specifically, how to select music to fit the tone/pace of the attached video and the Tesla brand direction.
-A quick understanding of our media content library and how to navigate through raw footage, completed projects and any other media to fulfill requests.

Experience / Skills

Skills and Experience

-Experienced in editing with Premiere Pro CC is mandatory. Final Cut X or Avid is a bonus.
-An understanding of offline and online workflows for post-production.
-Experience in After Effects, specifically text animation, object removal/cleanup and camera stabilization.
-The ability to work at speed in a fast turnaround environment, without sacrificing quality of content.
-Appreciation of global audience and subtlety of cultural differences across the world.
-Be comfortable juggling multiple projects simultaneously.


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