Production Dates: 3/26 - 3/30 + 4/2 - 4/6

Job Description:
Fresh Films puts teenagers on-set for its film, documentary and corporate productions. For our Chicago opportunity, we are looking for producers/filmmakers to lead groups of diverse teens as they produce & film mini-documentaries on the difference-makers in Chicago.

The Fresh Films Chicago program involves creating ‘difference maker documentaries’ with 2 teams of teens working each week March 26-30 and April 2-6. Whereas the news media may only report on the gun violence in certain neighborhoods, this documentary is working to focus on the “beacons” who are changing neighborhoods and schools, and empowering youth and families. Films created will be shorter 1 to 3 minute videos on each difference maker, and then a collective longer-form documentary. The docs will air digitally, at events and is presently being looked at for Direct TV.

We're looking for enthusiastic staff members to guide youth participants through the technical aspects and help to keep the production organized throughout the week. Roles will be assigned based on staffers' areas of expertise/strength, but may include organizing the students' rotation schedules on site, instructing them in a specific area of production, coordinating craft services/equipment, etc.

While mentoring and leading the teens, you (along with a producing partner) will be responsible for making sure the documentaries are coordinated, filmed and look great. You'll also have the support of an Exec Producer/Director during the production.

The teens are spending their Spring Break learning production - and you'll help them learn it through making these videos! You should be excited about mentoring youth, and able to lead the teens - many of whom will not be very experienced with the technology or process.

And of course, you must have filmmaking experience working on documentary/corporate film/commercials in order to be considered for this position.

Production dates are March 26-30 and April 2-6. We need to hire staff for at least the full week. And if you are available for both weeks, that is even better. When you send in your information, please note your availability. Of note, we also have a script session with the teens on 3/10, and an editing session on April 21-22. Staff hired for production weeks may also be needed for these extra sessions, but it if not required that you be available these additional days to be considered.

As a non-profit producer, producing for other non-profit organizations, our pay range is $150-$225 per day.

About Fresh Films

About Fresh Films:

Fresh Films is a non-profit film production company based on the campus of Augustana College.
For over a decade, Fresh Films program has been the largest national platform for teen filmmaking, putting teens behind the camera on films, TV shows, documentaries and corporate commercial work - all while mentoring and empowering youth on-set.

Recent productions include Emmy nominated kids TV show "Detectives Club" starring Tim Kazurinsky, "The Stream" starring Rainn Wilson, "Alternate Universe: A Rescue Mission" starring Steve Guttenberg and “Got Noise?”, an original production of Usher’s music videos - just to name a few! All proceeds from our productions support youth programming and school/teacher grants. Read more about us on our website:

Fresh Films is the do-good arm of Dreaming Tree Films