-Learn how Naughty Dog gameplay systems work. This includes but it’s not limited to: player and non playable character animations
-Be able to work with any system using the most efficient practices
-Work with the design team to prototype new useful features using Naughty Dog scripting language
-Ability to use the engine debug tools to solve gameplay problems and work with designers and programmers to find a solution
-Ability to create high quality animation content in Maya and implement them correctly in our Naughty Dog engine
-Help support other animators
-Work with design and engineering to create new awesome, mind blowing systems and solutions
-Additional responsibilities may be assigned as needed

Experience / Skills

Requirements & Skills:

-Minimum of 5 years working in the video-games industry
-Good eye for animation is a must
-Excellent problem solver / fire fighter
-Highly motivated and proactive with a CAN DO attitude
-Good general technical knowledge of how games work
-Good communicator at a technical level
-Deep knowledge of Maya: layers, trax editor, mocap tools
In engine animation layering knowledge
-Familiar with some kind of Animation system: unreal, morpheme, unity, etc.
-Knowledge of scripting /code system: python, C++, etc.

As a part of the Naughty Dog application process, candidates will be expected to provide a portfolio or demo reel of their work and may be asked to complete an animation test.