Big Review TV are innovative disruptors in the online video space delivering subscription-based video technology products and services. Starting in Sydney, Australia, BIG now has a global footprint and are currently expanding into the USA, looking for passionate videographers in San Francisco .


We are after someone who thrives in a fast-paced environment and can be super creative with their camera work.

The successful applicant should be able to envision the end product and be able to adjust their filming style to suit continuously changing environments.

At Big Review TV, we produce content made for online viewing and sharing! We want someone who is passionate about videography, who is willing to learn and better themselves as a creative.

You will be working in small production groups so the ability to work in a team, as well as having a strong sense of independence, will be looked upon favorably.

Experience / Skills

You will be responsible for:

- Filming of relevant b-roll and required amount of shots for each shoot

- Ensuring the shots create a narrative and link to the story told by an interview subject

- Ensuring the quality of shots

- Working with a producer/presenter to make sure your shoot runs smoothly and successfully

- Adhere to Big's organizational structure when filing footage

- Delivering content to the post-production team in a timely manner

- Improving and adjusting your technique and adapting to multiple unique filming environments


- Experience as a videographer

- Passionate and creative

- Able to work in a team environment

- Strong communication skills

- Quick “on your feet” thinking

- Knowledge of numerous filming styles and techniques you can use in multiple situations

- Experience in directing or editing will be highly regarded

- Competent understanding of filing systems and structures for archiving and project management

-Knowledgeable of industry trends in both the digital marketplace and video environments

We are a very fast-paced team and work on a number of different projects for a vast amount of clients.

Our team is young, ambitious and passionate, and the successful applicant should share these traits and be ready to rapidly expand their skill set.

Required Gear List:

Sony A7Sii or equivalent (Preferrably capable of recording 4k)
24-70mm f/4 Sony Zeiss Lens or equivalent
Wireless Lavalier Microphone
Video Tripod
Light Stand
LED Light Panel