We are a Digital Marketing Agency looking to expand its Studio services to meet our clients’ growing demands. As our number of projects increases, we are looking for a skilled Camera Operator / Cinematographer to capture high-quality and attractive images for film and TV broadcasting.

We are looking for reliable contractors to hire on a repeating basis, who are looking for an opportunity to make additional income. Our business model involves a lot of repeat business from clients who prefer to work with the same individuals on an ongoing basis.


-Work with Director to determine all aspects of shots
-Provide practical and creative input during scene planning
-Select, assemble and position equipment on a shot-by-shot basis (cameras, stands, software etc.)
-Configure and test cameras and specific shot angles
-Shoot scenes according to predetermined requirements
-Capture quality footage from a fixed or moving position
-Collaborate with lighting and sound staff to produce the best final effect
-Resolve technical or practical issues

Experience / Skills

-Proven experience as camera operator/cinematographer
-3 years experience operating relevant equipment (cameras, drones, lights etc.)
-Firm grasp of photographic principles such as composition, lighting, and continuity.
-Excellent theoretical knowledge of filming and capturing footage
-Ability to understand and follow camera scripts and shotlist
-Well-practiced communication skills
-Physical strength and ability to carry 50 lbs of equipment around shoot
-Excellent hearing and color vision
-High school diploma required. Bachelors in film, photography or related degree preferred.