Hearst Television is seeking a part-time editor to join its Washington Bureau. The Washington Bureau is responsible for covering breaking news, politics, health, consumer, and special projects for Hearst stations, as well as major event coverage such as political conventions, election coverage and breaking news events.

Job Responsibilities:

-Edit stories, videos, and newscasts on tight deadlines.
-Maintain news archives.
-Non-linear editing (using Adobe Premiere) of newscast elements including PKGs, VOs, VOSOTs, teases and preproduction material.
-Effectively collaborates with producers, reporters and managers to produce high quality stories.
-Ensuring proper storage and organization of media files.
-Maintaining standards for all edited material.
-Taking in ENG and SNG feeds.
-Any other editing duties as assigned by news managers.

Experience / Skills

Experience Requirements:

-Professional experience with nonlinear editing software (Adobe -Premiere or equivalent) required.
-Military experience will be considered.

Qualifications Requirements:

-Ability to work on linear and non- linear equipment.
-Proficiency editing with Adobe Premiere.
-Ability to edit on non- linear equipment, including Final Cut Pro, Avid and Edius.
-Must be able to handle and juggle multiple editing assignments under strict deadlines.
-Knowledge of current television production techniques.
-Familiarity with mass communications law and media responsibilities.
-Communicate effectively with producers, reporters and photographers
-Must be able to record multiple feeds on a digital encoding system.
-Able to search for source materials from multiple outlets and platforms.
-Able to work in a fast paced, detail-oriented environment with calm, skilled execution.
-Possess a valid drivers’ license and good driving record.