U.S. Figure Skating is seeking an experienced visual artist, who can both capture and edit beautiful and vibrant footage, organize and plan shoots, tell a tale with nothing but GIFs, all the while maintaining the stylistic and visual voice of U.S. Figure Skating. This thought leader will foster collaboration, thriving in this environment, along with a diverse team of creatives, creating a culture that produces original content you can’t get anywhere else.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Original Content/Storytelling
• Develops vision for original content ‘packages’ and defines necessary assets (and procurement of) in order to accomplish end goal.
• Identify and create mind-blowing content from scratch (Storyboard, produce, shoot, edit) that drives conversation and engagements around the sport and our athletes.
• Produce original content that strategically enhances the brand of U.S. Figure Skating.
• Conduct interviews with athletes, officials, influencers and relevant personnel to create original content
• Manage on location shoots and direct single or multi-camera projects in-studio
• Supervises edit sessions with voiceover talent (reviews voiceover records), executes music searches and seeks appropriate rights when necessary

Digital Marketing/Social Media Content

• Create original content that is conceived for the web, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
• Assist the marketing and communications department with its digital communication initiatives and marketing campaigns in order to extend custom content across all platforms.
Production Schedule/Concept Development
• Oversees video project calendar and determines the production schedule including detailed task lists for all associated digital components.
• Organizes and evaluates the content and focus for each assigned project/element.
• In collaboration with other members of the creative team and/or departmental clients, strategize and implement new ideas for engaging content, identifies and follows-up on emerging stories and breaking news.
• Present rationale for conceptual choices and ensures designs, thematic approaches and storylines meet business objectives per the creative direction of the project and the organization.
• Understand and ensure that assets are in compliance with owned rights based on the distribution plan and platform
• Ensure that all content is concept/brand focused, relevant, timely, aligned with content strategy and consistent in terms of style, quality and tone.
• Informed on content trends and borderline obsessed about innovative digital concepts
• Well-versed on all equipment elements within the production process, undertaking valuable research to propose high-quality upgrades taking into account budget, value, etc.

Experience / Skills


• Bachelor’s degree in Film and Video Production, Digital Media Design, related field or equivalent work experience
• 3-5 years of practical multimedia production - shooting, producing, editing and managing the production of premium digital video.
• Superior technical skills in DSLR videography, non-linear editing, in the field production and knowledge of what ‘works’ on all platforms, with a digital-first focus
• Deep knowledge of industry-standard software (Adobe Creative Cloud, especially Adobe Premiere & After Effects)
• Proficiency in operating a professional video camera with a solid understanding of audio and lighting
• Proficiency with audio storytelling
• Love of experimentation, can fly solo while also excelling in a team environment with idea collaboration and creative feedback
• A passion for sports and the ideals of the Olympic Movement
• Creative self-starter with ability to multi-task and work in fast paced team environment

To apply for this position, submit your resume, cover letter and link to video/online portfolio.

About U.S. Figure Skating

U.S. Figure Skating is the national governing body for the sport of figure skating in the United States as recognized by the United States Olympic Committee and the International Skating Union. U.S. Figure Skating is comprised of more than 750 member clubs, collegiate clubs, school-affiliated clubs and more than 1,000 registered Learn to Skate USA programs representing more than 184,200 members. U.S. Figure Skating is charged with the development of the sport on all levels within the United States including athletes, officials, sanctioning of events and exhibitions, and establishing the rules and guidelines by which the sport is governed.​