The Assistant Producer is responsible for assisting in the project management of interactive entertainment products. They will track the process from design through code release by closely tracking and analyzing project schedule and milestone goals.


-Track schedules and deliverables under direction of Associate Producer or Producer.
-Track and identify task interdependencies and collaborate with team leadership to ensure timely and accurate asset flow. Meet with department lead regularly to ensure department needs are being met.
-Ensure priorities are properly communicated. Distinguish for the team and other departments between high and low priority items.
-Help to identify each team member’s talents in order to maximize team performance and ensure efficient milestone completion.
-Cultivate a harmonious and cohesive department, inspire the cooperation and confidence of others and promote the common purpose of the team.
-Identify risks through communication with department leads and communication with producers.
-Relay information to team members on individual level. Make sure relevant information is communicated between teams.
-Learn Telltale episodic production processes, adapting to the needs of specific projects and ensuring quality and efficiency.
-Collation of data or materials as requested. Updating wiki pages/shared documentation as requested. Ensuring agendas and notes are communicated for any meetings set.
-Event coordination and support for team parties, outings. Food ordering/delivery support.

Experience / Skills

Essential Skills and Experience

-Exceptional organization, communication and management skills.
-Must demonstrate working knowledge of hardware and software game industry trends.
-Successful candidates will have a great understanding of the gaming audience, a willingness to learn, and a strong work ethic.
-Must have a general understanding of game development pipelines.
-Working knowledge of asset tracking software.
-Ability to handle multiple demands from superiors and coworkers, have strong ability to maintain professionalism with climate changes, display finesse when working under adverse conditions and embrace change in a fast paced environment.
-Must be self-directed, detail oriented and a problem solver with a burning desire to contribute to a creative environment.