New equipment rental business seeks manager (floor/front office/equipment)

Brooklyn, New York

Administrative / Accounting

Full Time

50,000.00 — 80,000.00 per year

Camera Nerds


Camera Nerds is a new equipment rental company in Brooklyn, NY. We're looking to hire someone with managerial/organizational abilities and experience in the equipment rental business.

Experience / Skills

This individual should be able to lead with:

-Thorough equipment organization/knowledge
-Equipment "Cage" layout and upkeep
-Directing and managing time of assistant(s)
-Ability to keep up with trends in gear demand and meet our client needs.
-This includes recommendations to our company supervisors to buy and sell, newest cameras/lenses out and which will benefit our bottom line the most. As well as what competitors in the market are doing (e.g. other rental houses).
-Scheduling maintenance and upgrades
-Marketing strategy
-Maximizing exposure and reputation for Camera Nerds. Implementing strategies that have worked previously.
-Keeping a big picture view of the business's progress and offering ways to constantly improve the operations.
-Frequent reporting to supervisors

-3-5 years in equipment rental business
-Managerial skills
-Broad knowledge of gear and gear trends. Ability to identify how every piece of a particular piece of equipment functions.
-Organized and clean ("neat freak") with equipment, cage and spreadsheets