The person in this position is responsible for producing, directing, and generally owning a weekly show. This requires at least a base knowledge of motorsports with an ability to quickly learn and understand the culture and format of multiple different motorsports series.

This person will need to research and keep up with the happenings of multiple motorsports series on a weekly basis. With the direction of Donut and client, determine what is important, and work with a writer to refine that information into a concise, engaging script.

They will then work with a host to shoot a talking head of the script, and direct editors and motion graphics artists to complete a finished product that takes into account the creative direction of Donut and client.

Experience / Skills

- Research & stay up to date on multiple motorsports series
- Communicate clearly, making sure all requirements and direction are being met
- Schedule, coordinate, and direct:
- Writers
- Shooters
- Editors
- Motion Graphics Artists
- Deliver final edit in a timely fashion at a high standard of quality
- Monitor fan engagement & reception, and cater subsequent content accordingly

- Producing - effectively coordinate and juggle multiple tasks at once
- Directing - have a creative vision that meets the needs of the show, and understand how to communicate that with writers, shooters, editors, etc.
- Editing/Graphics - understand the editing process and be able to work and communicate with editors/FX artists

- Self-sufficient
- Organized and timely - be a prompt communicator and deliver all deliverables on time
- Professional - be client-facing
- Motorsports Knowledge - understand how different racing series work, and why each one is interesting
- Social Media - understand general social media practices; why certain types of content work
- Pop Culture - understand pop culture trends and how to reference them appropriately

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