Audio/Video Production Specialist - Seasonal

The primary responsibility is the pre-production, production and post production of the live multi camera gavel-to- gavel coverage of the Committees of the Tennessee General Assembly.

During production, will work in the following roles: CG Operation, Technical Direction, Tape Operation and Remove Camera Operation.

Streaming and digital media management is an important responsibility of the specialist and includes scheduling events in streaming software, recording events and metadata management.

The A/V Production office broadcasts live to television via a statewide partnership of public television stations. Specialists assist with the programming schedule, coordinating on and off-air time with member stations, managing live and pre-recorded assets, operating CG, and technical direction of the broadcast.

Committee hearing rooms will require Audio/Video presentation coordinattion including, set up and striking A/V presentationi iequipment, assisting presenters loading and running Power Point/Key Note presentations and other digital media. Conference Rooms will require A/V presentation set up when requested.

Specialists will duplicate, label or transcode media for distribution.

All seasonal employees will provide office support for staff including answering phones, picking up mail, organizing the office and other administrative duties as required.

Dress code requires professional dress and is a non-partisan position.

Experience / Skills

Experience in multi-camera production environments is preferred. Ideal candidates have experience as a CG operator, technical director, tape operator, and remote camera operator. All experience outside of a broadcast television production environment such as high school, college, local access stations or church services is accepted.

About Tennessee General Assembly

The House of Representatives and the Senate of the 111th Tennessee General Assembly.