We are looking for a streaming media engineer who will be responsible for architecting, building and maintaining fault tolerant and scalable video delivery systems that can reach millions of users every month. We're a small, fast-moving and fast-growing company looking to change the sports media consumption forever. The ideal candidate has background in enterprise-level video encoding, particularly HLS and/or MPEG-DASH, and is comfortable working with software engineers to build internal products.


-Architect and maintain scalable streaming infrastructures
-Manage cloud based and in-house encoding software and appliances responsible for live encoding videos into HLS and MPEG-DASH
-Relationship management with a third party transcoding vendor and a CDN vendor

Experience / Skills

Required Skills:

-Enterprise video encoding expertise using Elemental, Envivio, or similar encoders.
-Video codec experience specifically in H.264, VP9, MPEG-2 and H.265
-Understanding of HLS and HLS based server-side ad stitching products
-Familiarity with different CDN vendors and their systems (e.g. Akamai, Level3, Fastly, etc.)
-Experience with at least one dynamically typed language (Python, Ruby, Node.JS, etc.)
-Understanding of media formats on mobile devices
-Working knowledge of commandline tools for video diagnosis such as ffmpeg, mp4box, x264, mediastreamvalidator, etc.
-Familiarity with enterprise MPEG Analysis tools, such as Tektronix, Ineoquest, Triveni, etc
-Experience with alternate content in ABR ecosystem (ESAM, ESNI, etc)
-Understanding of backbone video and distribution (Peering, Transport, POP sites, etc)