RDM is seeking a full-time Project Manager, Account Lead, Producer to join our busy team. While our office is in NYC, this position can be remote. Work from your home office and help us manage our busy production pipeline. We need someone who is incredibly detail oriented to act as Mission Control, working as a primary point of contact for some of our biggest clients, building budgets and crews, and assigning teams within RDM to handle the work. Even better if you yourself have the experience to go on the field and act as Producer for some of these projects.

Become a key part of a growing business working with top brands and help us grow our team to the next level!

More Details:
As a Project Manager you will be the backbone of RDM's busy production pipeline, ensuring the rest of the team meets and exceeds the criteria of each project we take on. You should have experience creating estimates, hiring crews, scheduling shoots, overseeing production logistics, as well as invoicing and billing (We have a bookkeeper, but assistance with wrapping up the financials after a production and invoicing clients is often needed).

For certain clients you will also act as an Account Lead, where your primary goal is to build successful long-term client relationships. These clients reach out to you directly whenever they have a new project for our company. Your job is to work with them to determine their needs, and then work with us to make sure we meet and exceed them. Our team will also depend on you to give your projects direction and maintain a clear strategy to achieve the very best outcome for the client.

If you have experience / interest acting as a Producer, you might also take that role on certain productions. We stay busy, and if you're already overseeing the shoots, you might as well Produce some of those jobs if you meet the criteria.

What You Will Handle:
- The day-to-day management of clients’ video needs
- Pro-active leadership that encourages teams to perform to the best of their ability
- Regular communication and liaison with clients
- The organization of client feedback
- Completing projects to a specific schedule and within an agreed budget
- Using your knowledge and skills to push clients, the team, and the agency in the most productive direction
- Scheduling shoots and other events
- Assigning tasks to editors and other team members

Where and When:
This is an off-site role. Our office is in NYC, but we shoot everywhere in the U.S. and sometimes outside of it. For the right candidate, we really see no need for you to be in New York or work at our office. However, East Coast applicants are preferred for time-zone compatibility. We also do a ton of work in Atlanta, so special consideration will be paid to applicants in that area. We need a candidate who can effectively work from their own home office. Working hours will be standard office times; however deadlines may occasionally stretch this further. You must also be open to travel when needed.

About RDM:
We create engaging high-quality video for some of the world’s leading brands. As our team and client roster expands we continue to seek passionate, creative, forward-thinking professionals to grow our company further. We don’t expand for the sake of expanding. Every role on our team is absolutely key, and each player has a voice in the direction we take our business. For the right candidate, this is an opportunity to get on the ground floor of a growing video production company that regularly tackles fun creative projects and values the growth, creative fulfillment, and work / life balance of its team.

Starting Salary:
Competitive to your region. Tell us what you're worth.

Experience / Skills

- Project Management Experience is a must!
- 10 years experience preferred.
- Experience using Project Management software
- Automotive experience preferred.
- Open to travel when needed.
- Able to responsibly work from home - we want to know you're in this with us and not off trying to save Princess Zelda again.
- Experience in professional client relationship management
- A solid background in video production
- The ability to plan and strategize at a senior level
- Excellent written and oral communication skills
- The ability to work as an authoritative figure in a busy team
- Experience with budgets, scheduling, production books, account management, microsoft office, photoshop, illustrator, in-design and social media are also huge advantages.
- A keen attention to detail and budgetary restraints: Attention to detail is the absolute most important criteria. We need someone highly intelligent and obsessed with doing things the right way every time.