The videographer conceptualizes, shoots, edits and creates videos for use on our website, social media, YouTube channel, and through direct outreach and advertising. The videographer will design, shoot, edit and produce product videos, distributor training videos, overall brand messaging videos, promotional content, educational support pieces, testimonials, direct-to-consumer messaging pieces, etc. The candidate should be an expert and experienced in editing video, as well as shooting the video.

Experience / Skills

Skills You Must Have:

High creativity and willingness to look for new solutions to achieve company goals.
Ability to deliver consistent, high quality video products.
Ideate, sustain, and guide the creative process.
Video production experience, including shooting and editing.
Knowledge of equipment; cameras, lenses and building cameras, lighting audio, etc. to perform all functions of video production.
Strong understanding of video formatting, editing and enhancing software to produce final videos.
Develop concepts that will help people better connect with our products and mission.
Experience with live video platforms such as Facebook Live.
Experience building & managing a corporate YouTube channel.
Knowledge & expertise in social sharing, email marketing, and all distribution methods for the video content.

Qualities You Should Have:

Must be self-motivated individual committed to building and maintaining in-house video content creation.
Ability to work on simultaneous projects with multiple groups in the company based on the specific video project (Marketing, Sales, Science, etc.)
Effective and consistent communication with colleagues.
Commitment to highest production quality on all projects.
Open to learning, dedicated to improving, committed to excellence.
An ability to self-edit and keep detailed and organized filing structures.
In-depth knowledge of camera, lighting and editing equipment and software.
This individual will be responsible for leveraging in-house resources but also developing expanded video capabilities.
Determine what equipment is necessary and obtain equipment.
Transport, setup, and operate various production equipment including cameras, audio recorders, lighting equipment, props, and microphones.

** Photography shooting & editing a major plus
** Web design & editing a major plus
** Graphic design & editing a major plus

We hope that:

You have contagious enthusiasm that makes others around you light up when you enter the room
You are obsessed with improving your personal skills, learning every day, and embracing new technology (like AR, VR, etc.) as it develops
You love feedback and are a major team player
You have an entrepreneurial spirit, and therefore treat the position as if it was your own company
You’re awesome. And because you’re awesome, we absolutely want you to be a part of the team.
You align with our core values: Love, Serve, Integrity, Innovation, Humility.

About Amare Global, Inc.

Amare Global® ( was founded in 2016 as “The Mental Wellness Company” and spent the better part of 2017 designing a platform of nutraceutical products focused on modulation of the microbiome and optimization of the gut-brain axis (GBX) to improve many aspects of mental wellness. With a vision to lead the global mental wellness revolution, Amare’s mission is to create a holistic mental wellness platform that connects a purpose-driven community of passionate people. Amare’s product formulations combine ancient natural wisdom with modern scientific innovation to develop natural health products and programs based on the emerging science of the microbiome.
Amare Global's flagship gut-brain axis empowerment system, the FundaMentals Pack, won the prestigious 2018 NutrAward for Best New Finished Product. The award was presented at the NutrAward Reception, Thursday, March 8th, during the Engredea and Natural Products Expo West 2018 in Anaheim, Calif. (USA).