This is an opportunity to play a critical role in the evolution of broadcast graphics at NBC News, one of the world’s best known and most trusted news organizations. You will be on the front lines of bringing web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to television! The apps you build will be live on TV and will inform millions of voters on the 2020 presidential race.

You will work side by side with fellow inspired engineers, designers, and product managers in a collaborative, product-driven environment using modern technologies like Vue.js, Stylus, D3, etc. You will get to use the latest front end technologies (requestIdleCallback, Web Workers, overflow-anchor, CSS variables) without browser prefixes!


-Be a significant contributor to the technical strategy of our web-based (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) broadcast apps
-Collaborate with product managers, designers, stakeholders, and talent to shape the design and implementation of the products that we build
-Automate front end testing to ship the highest quality experience for our audience
-Implement complex UI interactions (e.g. multi-finger touch commands, drag and drop, touch-powered drawing) that will be used by on-air talent
-Implement designs with a strong attention to detail
-Implement high performance animations and smooth transitions while rendering large datasets

Experience / Skills


• Strong experience optimizing rendering performance - fixing paint storms, fixing layout thrashing, implementing high performance animations, optimizing javascript execution, etc - in a browser
• Adept at implementing responsive designs using HTML and a CSS preprocessor (SASS, PostCSS, LESS)
• Must have recent experience with D3, SVG, or Canvas
• Extensive experience building stateful UIs with a modern JavaScript framework (e.g. Vue.js, React.js, Aurelia, etc)
• Extensive experience collaborating directly with product managers, designers, and stakeholders
• Experience implementing complex UI interactions (e.g. multi-finger touch commands, drag and drop, touch-powered drawing) a big plus
• TopoJSON, GeoJSON, ArcGIS, QGIS experience a plus
• Experience fetching data for a web application using HTTPS or WebSockets
• Experience writing automated tests (unit, integration, functional)
• Experience with version control
• 3+ years experience in software development or related field(s)