Filmmaking Internship


Los Angeles, California (Allows Telecommuting)

Film / Motion Picture Production


This is an unpaid internship

Hollywood Casting and Film Studios

Hollywood Casting and Film is seeking new and emerging filmmakers from all over the US for a filmmaking internship.

This is a remote internship for filmmakers outside of Los Angeles (we will work with you remotely through the entire filmmaking process), and an in-house internship at our studios for filmmakers in and around Los Angeles. The internship is 4-months long and is designed to curate filmmakers that may be hired to produce content for our company on an ongoing basis at the end of its term. Ideal candidates are film students and/or recently graduated filmmakers looking to establish a career path in the film industry. Hollywood Casting and Film does not guarantee paid positions after the internship is completed.

Filmmakers in the internship will be responsible for writing/producing/directing/editing two (2) short films (5 min or less) during a four (4) month internship period. Filmmakers will receive professional mentorship from Hollywood Film & TV Executives specific to their productions. Films produced through the internship program will be screened at theaters across the US in the filmmakers’ respective local cities, and be considered to be screened in Hollywood in Dec 2019 at our annual awards gala with nominations and awards recognitions. We look forward to your submissions.

Experience / Skills

Requirement: some Film School/Film Experience. Internship begins May 1st 2019, and is also ongoing, so we are seeking new filmmakers to join our program starting May 2019 or join one of our upcoming programs throughout the year (fall and winter).