The Photographer/Videographer part-time position creates materials that are designated subjects or events using state-of-the-art techniques in order to provide video/photographic needs for publication, press release, web sites, social media, public relations, or preservation purposes. This position will work with the Marketing Coordinator as well as constituents across the college to provide video and photographic services that support the SGSC brand. This position ensures all materials are in compliance with local, state, and federal guidelines related to equal access/equal opportunity and is in conformance with college guidelines regarding brand and image. This position must perform the planning and producing of photo/video shoots and completing all post-production processing. The Photographer/Videographer will perform editing, correction, archival and file storage. Perform digital imaging necessary to the production of high-quality photographic prints and images for exhibition, publication, research or preservation purposes. This position also assists with production of college videos and commercials.


-Represent and document the SGSC brand through photo shoots, documentary/promotional photography and lifestyle video coverage
-Adhere to specifications, due dates and timelines for all projects
-Keep accurate, detailed notes to identify subjects in photographs and ensure every image file has proper photography/videography release forms signed
-Works flexible hours, including some evenings and weekends, as needed
-Utilize creativity as well as knowledge of lighting, composition, camera/lens combination, and editing software such as: Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photo Mechanic. (Added from above.)
-Select the appropriate camera angles, picture composition, filtering, lighting, or other treatment necessary to produce a desired message or special effect.
-Work efficiently with others.
-Maintain favorable public relations with collection donors and repository management.
-Other duties/projects as assigned by the supervisor

Experience / Skills


-Digital imaging technology, techniques, methods and formats.
-Equipment, tools, and supplies used in the taking, processing, enhancing, and use of photographs including various cameras/lenses, image processing software and types of lighting.
-Copyright regulations and privacy laws.
-Photographic materials, techniques, and media.
-Theory and techniques of modern photography.
-The need for and the use of the photographic medium in varying technical fields, legal purposes, and training presentations.
-Photographic techniques to produce varying effects and messages.
-Uses and effects of various types of lighting and methods.
-Processes and software used in image correction and printing.
-Choose proper settings on cameras and photographic processing equipment in order to obtain intended effects and select the appropriate camera angles, picture composition, filtering, lighting, or other treatment necessary to produce a desired message or special effect.
-Work creatively under the pressures of deadlines.
-Adjust focus, identify and distinguish between colors, judge distance and spatial relationships.