As a Project Manager (PM) the candidate would meet with the sales team for their specific jobs and go through them in detail. At this point any remaining details necessary to the success of the event would be the responsibility of the PM.

The PM would then also be in charge and responsible for the installation of the job once on site. For more complicated jobs they may also be required to be on the strike of the event as well.

In order to ensure the success of the event once on site the PM would be expected to work with the department heads to makes sure all the correct gear is specified on the job through utilizing R2 inventory management software.

The PM would also work with the production team to make sure all necessary cross-rentals and/or purchases are made in a timely matter for the event.

The PM would also have to track crew hours for payroll.

Experience / Skills

Live event full-service production experience is key to being successful. Additionally the ability to organize and manage a crew is highly important. Attention to detail and organization are key.

Once on site the candidate would be the main conduit between the client and the crew. Therefore the client would have to effectively be able to communicate with both.