Company Overview

Positioned at the forefront of an exciting new industry, DeepGreen Metals is on track to become a world-leading producer of battery metals obtained from vast high-grade seafloor polymetallic nodule deposits containing manganese, nickel, copper and cobalt. These deposits occur 4,000 to 6,000 meters below sea level. DeepGreen’s current focus involves two projects located in the international seabed area west of Mexico, and the company has partnered with Pacific island nations, Nauru and Kiribati, to develop these.

Once in production, DeepGreen aims to become a leading supplier of environmentally clean and ethical battery metals for the Electric Vehicle (EV) battery industry. DeepGreen’s collecting and processing system is targeting zero waste, which is facilitated by the nature of the nodules themselves, which sit unattached on the ocean floor (no stripping, drilling or blasting required) and are composed largely of Mn oxides and hydroxides with ore-grade contents of Cu, Ni and Co with very little in the way deleterious elements like As, Sb, Hg that are typical of many on-land base metal ores (no toxic tailings). The ability to select a processing site with access to renewable energy sources further supports DeepGreen’s ability to deliver on the zero-waste, minimum environmental footprint goals.

The role

DeepGreen is seeking an Offshore Communications Officer to document and produce content related to deep sea operations it is undertaking with Nauru Ocean Resources Inc. (NORI) including seafloor sampling, environmental impact assessments and geotechnical work. The company will be conducting extensive offshore exploration campaigns in the Clarion Clipperton Zone in the Pacific Ocean. The object of the different campaigns will be to deploy environmental monitoring equipment, collect a wide range of research data, and obtain bulk samples of polymetallic nodules from the deep ocean floor, among other work. These activities are related to DeepGreen’s Environmental Impact Assessment which will ultimately result in an Environmental Impact Statement, both of which are central to its obligations under the UN International Seabed Authority and DeepGreen’s commitment to the precautionary approach.

The Offshore Communications Officer will perform the following duties:

• Travel aboard the Maersk Launcher offshore support vessel on an ongoing series of deep ocean exploration campaigns
• Produce compelling multimedia content including photos, videos, blog and social media posts relating to DeepGreen’s work
• Document DeepGreen’s offshore operations and plan and compile a database of visual assets that track the company’s work
• Support the Head of Communications and Brand in producing consistent and ongoing content to communicate with various stakeholders
• Produce and edit photos and content to include in communications materials for investors, stakeholders, the media, regulators and others
• Work both offshore and onshore to promote the work and mission of DeepGreen

We are seeking candidates with the following skills:

• Must be comfortable at sea for long periods of time
• Possess a relevant communications, media or journalism degree or a significant and relevant body of published work
• Track record of producing compelling content for digital media including blog posts, social media, photography and video clips
• Advanced and proven photography and videography skills
• Direct experience or an interest in environmental impact work, seafloor minerals industry, climate change and/or ocean sustainability
• Ability to understand and communicate technical content
• Fluency in English
• Be able to secure a visa to the United States

The port of departure for all campaigns will be San Diego (USA). While the Communications Officer can be based anywhere within the U.S. or Canada, preference will be given for candidates with easy access to San Diego. Individual campaigns will range from three to six weeks (max) at a time. While the exact dates of the campaigns are being finalized, it is anticipated that the first campaign will take place at the end of August 2019, with additional campaigns occurring between October and November of 2019, at the beginning of 2020 and further campaigns to be determined and continuing through 2022. The Communications Officer will be at sea aboard the Maersk Launcher ship for the duration of the campaigns.

Interested candidates should provide a cover letter, CV and representative samples of multimedia work. This is a fulltime position, contractor position (e.g. 1099) with competitive compensation. DeepGreen is seeking to fill this position as soon as possible.