Ark Media is a documentary production company located in downtown Brooklyn. We’re seeking an experienced Assistant Editor (non-union) for a 4-hour documentary being produced for PBS about the history of, and science behind, gene research and manipulation. We’re looking for someone technically solid who is eager to collaborate with a small team making an important film. This position starts immediately from 8/9 - 8/16.

The project has two Editors, each working on a 2-hour episode. Episodes will be locking between late June and early August. As online preparation begins, our current Assistant Editor will need assistance with uprezzing original interviews and vérité footage to broadcast quality, conforming and cutting in archival from a variety of sources, delivering media to sound designers/mixers, animators, and colorists, and assembling deliverables. The AE will support the Lead Assistant Editor.

Experience / Skills

Required Skills:

- A solid mastery of Avid (v2018), both on Mac and PC
- A strong working knowledge of After Effects and DaVinci Resolve
- Experience uprezzing, prepping, and delivering Avid sequences for sound mixing and color correction
- Exceptional technical skills, with the ability to trouble-shoot and solve problems
- Experience with media management
- Knowledge of codecs and frame rate conversion
- Basic knowledge of spreadsheets and Google docs for tracking animations and music cues (though advanced skills are not a requirement)