Geomedia, Inc.

Job Category

Commercial / Corporate - motion graphics centric, editorial and design

Job Type
-Full Time / At Facility Location

Career Level

Pay / Salary
-$45,000.00 - $60,000.00 based on experience

Experience Required
-3+ Years

Education Required
-Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent Practical Experience

Job Description
-Position requires skills in high volume production / post environment specializing in motion graphics editorial workflows. Primarily responsible for editing commercials and special projects with an emphasis on designing, creating and integrating motion graphics elements, audio and final output. Work with producers, shooters, creative team members and client in collaborative effort to communicate the objectives of the project and execute the final product.

Specific Duties Include:
• Edit and integrate high-level motion graphics for commercials, TV, Special projects and AV material for broadcast, internet and corporate destinations.
• Ability to handle multiple projects and deadlines simultaneously.
• Ability to work with creative video team and meet defined project goals.
• Ability and knowledge of Macintosh computer systems.
• Responsible and able to create graphics and motion graphics using Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe After Effects software.
• Responsible for light audio editing, mixing and sweetening using Adobe Creative Suite.
• Responsible for mastering final projects and edits, and following standards for delivery of legally compliant projects as defined by various networks and broadcast rules.
• Other duties as assigned

Experience / Skills

Skills and knowledge required for position:

• College degree in related field or equivalent experience in video productions industry.
• A resume and examples of work with description of duties performed on each project is required.
• Solid understanding in aesthetics of editing video including basic to advanced motion graphics and design.
• Typical schedule is 9 AM – 6 PM but must be flexible periodically based on the production schedule. Reciprocal flexibility by employer to accommodate life as needed.
• Solid to advanced working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite.

About Geomedia, INC.


Geomedia is a connected network of experienced directors, producers, designers, programmers, animators, artists, and overachievers.

We specialize in creating high-impact content through live-action direction, cinematography, post-production, 3D animation, motion graphics, VR & AR, visual effects for film, television, web, and interactive applications.

We are team players with a TRUE passion for what we do.

Our goal is to provide the best possible quality in an integrated, efficient production environment, delivering talent, creativity and value you can trust and rely on.

We succeed, together with the right attitude, creative ability and true understanding of your project’s goals.

The true measure of any company’s worth is the people behind it. Geomedia was built on passion and enthusiasm as well as world-class creative and technical talent.

The quality work that our team delivers is the single BIGGEST competitive advantage.

Check out our work; the proof is in the pudding.


Powerful creative gets us excited, and we have the experience to work on any caliber project.

Whether your project includes production, post-production, animation, interactive, audio production, or all of these services combined, we provide you the best team to successfully complete your concept.

Live-action director
Live-action producer & production services
Post-production editorial & online finishing
Graphic design and motion graphic animation
Color grading
Visual effects & animation
Post audio design & music
Interactive VR, AR, and touchscreen