The Studio Coordinator will be responsible for the overall upkeep and maintenance of Studio personnel and organization. Their primary focus will be coordinating resourcing and budgetary needs across the Content Studio and Digital Creative Studio. They will handle personnel onboarding, equipment management, as well as oversee scheduling and general coordination related to Studio physical resources, including the Stage and conference spaces.

What you'll do in your role.

-Works with Executive Producer to identify and collect reclassed funding for Content Studio work, and coordinates said budgeting with the Budget Program Manager as well as overall participation with Production team in development of ongoing studio operations and support to overall video / media / animation production process. This will grow to include shoot scheduling & logistics, booking crew & vendors, and additional workflow processes.
-Supports Operations team in onboards short- and long-term contractors in the Studio
-Supports Operations team in management, maintenance & tracking of Studio equipment, including A/V, Stage equipment, props, etc
Partners with Production Manager and Resourcing Manager to organize and oversee Studio resourcing needs from the Studio side.
-Supports Operations team in scheduling of Stage time, and provides general administrative oversight and assistance on shoot days
-Management of Studio resources, including conference room booking, kitchen stocking, general maintenance, etc as well as relationship building with other teams in the T-Mobile organization who collaborate with the studio.
-Also responsible for other Duties/Projects as assigned by Studio Leadership, as needed.

Experience / Skills

The experience you'll bring.

-Experience and comfort working in Excel and Outlook, with ability to work in PowerPoint and Keynote preferred.
-Strong attention to detail and timeliness.
-Thrives in a collaborative, ever-changing, and fast-paced environment.
-Ability to juggle multiple projects from multiple stakeholders at the same time.
-A high-level understanding of the Creative and Production process
-Comfort working with Creative personalities.
-Bachelors Degree preferred.