The San Francisco Chronicle’s Arts & Entertainment coverage

The Chronicle’s twin goals are to affect change through exceptional, impactful journalism and to build deep loyalty with our audiences, becoming central to their everyday lives. Our arts and entertainment coverage is key to both goals. The department’s mission is to present, 24/7, the best arts and entertainment coverage in the Bay Area. Our critics and writers highlight both established and emerging artists and performers, preview what’s coming (and suggesting what can’t be missed) and critically assess the work so that audiences come back again and again -- not only for guidance but also for a sense of community.

Job description

-The arts & entertainment digital reporter and producer is a hybrid: a reporter who covers arts and entertainment and produces stories on multiple digital platforms, aimed at an audience who absorbs this content first-and-foremost online.

This position has two missions:

-Find and write compelling articles about the artists and events on the outer edge of Bay Area arts and entertainment scene — the culture that colors outside of the conventional arts categories, that is popping up from a young generation of artists, musicians and makers who themselves blur the definition of art.
-Through digital media, find and foster an online audience for these stories beyond the core Chronicle arts fans — the younger arts lovers who are interested in the work of their generation.


-Find, pitch and write compelling articles about the artists and events on the leading edge of Bay Area arts and entertainment world that is emerging from a young generation of artists, musicians and makers, and new institutions, spaces and studios.
-Propose stories that might take a range of forms: “straight” news-fueled trend stories, experiential narratives, profiles, service journalism. Stories will range from daily short digital pieces (5-6 a week) to multi-sourced, multi-layered stories (~2 per month).
-Deftly move these stories from inception to published online.
-Be nimble enough to hop on breaking news, whether it’s to write an obituary, a festival announcement or club closure.
-Develop a robust social media strategy and presence, interacting closely with The Chronicle’s audience while attracting new followers. Build social media accounts, engage with key sources and influencers and develop a killer hashtag list, and be present in the arts community.
-Pitch ideas for Chronicle “experiences”: events, gatherings (think “Tiny Desk”-like concerts), etc. How do we make Datebook come alive for its online audience?

Experience / Skills

The right candidate will show:

-Writing that is perceptive and entertaining, with a distinct point of view.
-Ability to develop an audience and keep it engaged.
-Strong familiarity with online publishing platforms.
-Demonstrated knowledge of journalism ethics and adherence to the highest standards of professional conduct.
-Experience and maturity dealing with sources, subjects, colleagues and trolls.
-Knowledge of how to use metrics to maximize reach with our best stories.
-Ability to complete work on deadline.
-Understanding of how to conceptualize and package each story with multiple components to maximize its value to readers, in print and on digital platforms.
-Stellar multi-tasking skills.
-Knowledge of — and curiosity about — lifestyle trends, including pop culture, design, tech, fashion, relationships and social media.

What will it take to be successful?

-3+ years at a regional or national media outlet.
-Top-notch reporting skills and ability to write with personality and verve.
-Experience producing stories online.
-Ability to shift from short online pieces to longer, immersive features under daily or weekly deadlines — and to recognize which stories deserve which treatment.
-Experience with social media.
-Strong sense of teamwork and collaboration.

Reporting structure
-The position reports to the senior digital arts and entertainment editor