Artistic DP for Documentary and Video Editor

Job Requirements:

We are planning to shoot a new exciting and impactful film this fall. We are looking for candidates that can begin immediately and are skillful in not only shooting and operating 4k equipment but capable of establishing artistic shots, angles, lighting and set ups that resemble that of the below clips links. Ultimately, we are looking to recreate specific shots from Hype Williams classic film 'Belly.' While incorporating a serene 35 mm film aesthetic coupled with that of Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel story book aesthetic, and dark Japanese grunge elements- so someone who is comfortable with playing with different artistic shots and mediums. As well as edit there own work on post production
Below are a few visual links to the style and aesthetic of shooting that is a prerequisite for the camera operator involved:

Link 1:
Link starts at 1:45
Link 4:

- Artistic skilled Video editor to edit finish product

Experience / Skills


-A camera operator who can replicate the artistic shots, set ups, and lighting manipulation that is present in: Hype Williams film 'Belly', Japanese Grudge films and Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest hotel. You can view the below links to get an idea of the exact aesthetic.
- Someone who is comfortable shooting in black light and blue light to recreate the below aesthetic found in clips # 2 and 3 from Hype Williams 'Belly."
-Experience in shooting 4k high quality work.
-experienced video editor in adobe premiere,after effects and other industry standards.

About Yung Lords Media

Yung lords is a new and unreleased Avant garde multimedia documentary platform designed to highlight issues affecting all underrepresented groups (whether that falls under race, gender, sexuality, etc.) We throw away the jargon and traditional narrative that has been used to report on us, and tell our own stories though a unique and unmatched format. We are a creative think hub dedicated and penned specifically, to the people. Our primary focus is to highlight cutting edge global and domestic issues and provide a space for those who have grown weary of the established media’s mono-dimensional coverage of minority populations