The Photo Editor position is an experienced, creative, self-motivated, detail-oriented, and disciplined professional. This role is an expert in evaluating and selecting images for our Offset collection featuring the work of incredible photographers from around the world. This role understands what drives success in the digital marketplace, is results driven and thrives in an innovative high-energy environment.

What the role does:

-Use insightful judgment to select the most impactful images to support and maintain the unique Offset collection aesthetic.
-Evaluate images with consideration for key attributes including composition, lighting, story narrative, unique style and production, cultural and creative trends.
-Provide actionable feedback on editing insights and trends to inform contributors about opportunities and best practices.
-Prioritize image editing and selections with consideration for our marketplace and customers.
-Operate as an authority of the Offset curatorial guidelines within the company and across our network of contributors.
-Maintain a strong interest in and understanding of our global customers and creative trends.

Experience / Skills

What the candidate brings:

-Hands-On Approach: You should be sharp, love rolling up your sleeves, getting your hands dirty, and working alongside the team.
-Domain expertise and enthusiasm for Photography, Illustration and/or -Footage experience with 3+ years of professional experience in any or all three fields.
-2+ years of professional photo editing experience.
-Proficient at discerning images that are differentiated and offer unique and original perspectives.
-Excellent communicator, decisive, results-driven, people-oriented person.
-Exceptional at achieving time-sensitive production goals while managing multiple (and competing) priorities and imminent deadlines
-Knowledge and understanding of the creative stock media licensing industry and business.

Software: Experience using media production and editing tools, including; Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, Compressor, After Effects, Excel, Google Docs and file sharing protocol.