Seeking talented, experienced freelance Motion Graphics Designer for fall projects and possibly more. The ideal designer should have 4 years of GFX/design experience. Key will be able to comfortably and creatively work with product shots, live-action footage, stock, and motion typography.

You will be creating content based on the client’s existing work, continuing the visual aesthetic and also enhancing it with your own design ideas. Ability to propose unique touches is valued.

Ours will be a collaborative effort with the project producer, director, writer, and client. Dynamic ideas are highly encouraged. Will have to work within the client’s corporate guidelines. Must be able to create design boards which the producer can then pitch to the client.

Recent projects have embraced current motion graphics styles, and included in that are elements of infographics as well. The compositions tend to run from 1 min 30 seconds to 4 minutes. This may vary.

Future projects will include new product introductions, launches, product line overviews, and rebranding.

Our team is easy to work and collaborate with, and simultaneously able to meet deadlines. These projects tend to run for 2 to 3 weeks.

Pay will be on a per project basis. It will be competitive.
And you’ll find that you’ll have free time while we wait for feedback.
It honestly won’t be that standard 8 hour/day, 10-15 days per project. Most often the majority of the work is the first week, then it comes down to minor adjustments after that.

Must work at your home suite.
Be a US resident and able to work within the USA.

Experience / Skills

Should have a full understanding of Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and generally, the Adobe Cloud Suite.

A keen sense of design, composition, flow from scene to scene, and typography is needed.


Blue Barn Pictures was established in 2006 and creates motion graphics work, live action, scripted pieces, event recordings, still photography, and more.