Finishing Editor


Stanford, California

Post Production - Editing, Compositing, Motion Graphics, & Visual Effects


37.50 — 55.00 per hour

Stanford University - Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning

The Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning (VPTL) provides high-quality educational experiences to Stanford students and to people around the world by unleashing creativity and innovation in teaching and learning.

The Digital Media Creation & Strategy team within VPTL is seeking a talented Finishing Editor (FE) to support the creation of innovative and engaging online video content. The FE will be responsible for tasks such as mastering sequences by performing final color correction, modifying chroma key settings, and sweetening audio. The FE will serve as the post-production lead on a project to ensure video deliverables meet team standards for technical and content quality. In addition, the FE will serve as a member of the production team in various roles as needed. The ideal candidate will have the right combination of creative, organizational, and technical skills to serve in a wide variety of post-production settings and tasks.

Basic Qualifications:

• Demonstrated ability to edit and fine-tune complex media projects for online distribution
• Able to create supporting materials such as titles and graphics
• Comprehensive knowledge of video editing techniques and workflows based around the Adobe CC software suite
• Experience with using software such as Adobe After Effects to manage spill and render chroma key footage
• Ability to work independently and manage large packages of deliverable assets
• Solid organizational and communication skills with the ability to make timely, detail-oriented decisions
• Exhibits a professional demeanor while communicating with high-level faculty, staff, and students

Preferred Qualifications:

• Advanced color correction workflow using DaVinci Resolve
• Advanced audio correction workflow using iZotope software tools
• Ability to create motion graphic sequences based on existing materials.
• Prior experience working in educational media, ability to make edit decisions that achieve instructional design goals
• Expert knowledge of shared file systems, asset management, and overall editing workflow
• 5+ years working in media production or a B.A. in a communications-related field
• Considerable knowledge of post-production workflow on multiple NLE platforms such as Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro
• Post-production experience with modifying and applying Arri Looks and processing ARRIRAW footage
• Expert understanding of codecs, exporting, and transcoding media
• Knowledge of post-production workflows for AR/VR projects
• Familiarity with commercially available screen capture programs such as ScreenFlow and Camtasia
• Ability to work quickly and efficiently when given short turn-around times.
• A genuine interest in educational media and the research and teaching mission of Stanford University

Schedule and Work Location:

All work to be performed on Stanford's main campus
Flexible depending on project workload
Up to 19 hours per week.