At Disney Streaming Services, we have a Systems Engineering Department consisting of 4 teams: Storage Engineering, Application Infrastructure, Core Infrastructure, and Architecture & Automation.
Storage Engineering is responsible for all things storage related (Object Storage, Block, NAS, SAN) as well as the Data Protection environment.
Application Infrastructure is responsible for base deployment and configuration of the application environment.

Core Infrastructure is responsible for the compute HW environment, the virtualization environment, and all datacenter utilities such as DNS, LDAP.
Architecture & Automation is responsible for cross platform wide design strategy and automation.

We’re looking to grow our Storage team to support the exciting new Disney+ launches in the U.S and abroad. It’s an exciting time to join our organization as we continue to evolve the way we process and store our content to provide a seamless transition for our streaming partners.Our Storage team supports all aspects of the storage environments and data protection for our streaming partners: ESPN, MLB, NHL, SonyView and Hulu live. If you’re looking for a new challenge and want to operate in a software defined storage infrastructure, this is the role for you!


-Storage provisioning, maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting.
-Storage requirements gathering, capacity planning, security hardening, performance tuning, and audit compliance.
-Researching, evaluating, and testing new storage technologies to improve service and reduce cost.
-Automation of common tasks and procedures.
-Working closely with engineers from the systems, network, CDN, database, monitoring, and security teams, along with software development and QA teams, to develop holistic solutions.
-Working closely with vendor engineering and support to troubleshoot problems, mitigate software defects, and drive new features.

Experience / Skills

Preferred Qualifications:

-Highly proficient in a broad range of technologies, including object storage (Swiftstack/Caringo), NAS storage (Quobyte/Isilon), block storage (ScaleIO), and data protection (vProtect/Data Domain)
-Experience with software-defined massively-scalable architectures on commodity hardware in enterprise environments
-Experience administering storage for virtualized environments (RHV/KVM/oVirt/Openstack), containerized environments (Docker/Kubernetes/Openshift), and cloud environments (AWS)
-Expertise in Linux (RHEL/CentOS), and be proficient in popular scripting languages (Python/Perl/Bash)

About Disney Streaming Services

Disney Streaming Services is responsible for developing and operating The Walt Disney Company’s direct-to-consumer video businesses globally, including the ESPN+ premium sports streaming service; the upcoming Disney subscription video service; and BAMTECH Media, a global leader in direct-to-consumer video streaming products and solutions. Our core mission is to deliver global audiences the freedom to access content on their terms across any connected device, time or location. We serve consumers by bringing the world’s most beloved characters, timeless stories, legendary athletes, and epic sporting events to global audiences through best-in-class direct-to-consumer video services. We strive daily to imaginatively challenge convention with innovative technology that gives consumers the freedom to access content on their terms across any connected device, time or location.