Looking for talented, experienced and reliable video editors (Premiere preferred) to edit 1-2 video essay projects per month. Video essays topics explore and analyze popular and classic film and television properties. Editor will receive all necessary project files and assets to complete the project. Team members will review the editor’s project on a weekly basis and provide notes for editor to implement and complete.

Editors are hired on a per-project basis. Typical projects require an estimated 30-40 hours of work. Rates vary depending on the project and editing experience.

To apply:

To be considered, please submit a resume, brief cover letter and reel or examples of your editing work with your application via link. We will send chosen applicants a video editing test to complete.

Experience / Skills

Requirements: Excellent editing skills, ability to communicate professionally and reliably with team members, receive instruction and implement feedback in a timely manner and manage deadlines. Minimum of 1+ years of professional editing experience preferred.