Camera Ambassador is hiring a Full Time Tech Manager to work in our tech and rentals department. This position requires managerial skills, customer service, and rental experience. Managing the full-time and part-time Techs, you will schedule freelancers, manage & oversee equipment from rentals to new inventory. As well as lead the Tech Department with confidence.


-Advanced level knowledge of rental equipment (camera, accessories, lighting, and grip) including operation, application, capabilities, limitations, and safety.

-Able to identify and repair minor damage or broken equipment. Facilitate and coordinate repairs of major damage or broken equipment.

-Must be able to effectively communicate with clients, co-workers, and managers about equipment and anything related to job responsibilities.

-Strong leadership and managerial skills to train and assist with job responsibilities of freelancer techs & interns

-Customer service skills, ability to assist clients at prep, check out, or with on set technical issues.

Physical Requirements:

-Able to stand, stoop, bend, kneel for prolonged periods of time.

-Able to climb stairs and ladders.

-Able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds above shoulder level without assistance.

-Able to push and pull heavy loads – 50 pound minimum.

General Responsibilities:

-Maintain integrity of the equipment

-List check all equipment on an order to ensure it’s rental ready and that all equipment is present and compatible.

-Tech check all equipment on an order by cleaning, servicing and testing each piece of equipment to ensure it’s in working condition and upholds the standards of Camera Ambassador’s quality.

-Hire, manage schedules and responsibilities, train and fire Interns, T1s, T2s, and FTs.

-Develop, lead, and manage all aspects of the Camera Ambassador Tech department.

-Maintain a positive, orderly and efficient work environment.

-Assist Rental Admin with gear questions or concerns to ensure clients experience is a good one.

-Correspondent between Rental Admin & techs for order issues/notes

-Be able to perform duties with no supervision.

-Must have knowledge of company policies and all department procedures and follow them at all times.

-Keep work area clean and orderly.

-Maintain a strong work ethic at all times and be responsible.

-Be at work when scheduled.

-Consistently perform all duties.

-Utilize time to best advantage.

-Keep a paper trail, use email or Asana as much as possible.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:


Processing Equipment For Orders:
-Ability to identify equipment by various names and provide relative information in helping to ensure the customer has rented the proper equipment for their project, shoot or event.

-Know the operation of equipment as to application, capabilities, limitations, starting, stopping, servicing, correct loading and safety issues.

-When preparing an order for pick up ensure all equipment included on the order is present and all needed accessories are included to properly operated the rented equipment. Noting any changes and communicating these with a customer and rental admin.

-Load/Unload equipment for customers using care to avoid any damage to the vehicle.

-Properly secure every load, every time.

-Check equipment in upon return, ensuring that damage, or any missing items or parts are noted on the blue form.

-Clean equipment after each rental. Follow service procedures for each item. Thoroughly test equipment for proper operation. Ensuring you have serviced all items checked off. Return equipment to the proper location in building

-Receive equipment from customer and relocate it to its proper and most secure location until able to be processed

-Accurately update the status of an order and print pull sheets.

-Receive order paperwork from T1 & T2s and update FLEX or email Rental Admin with all order notes/issues

Processing New or Obsolete Equipment:
-Process newly acquired incoming inventory by completing a full inventory list per Camera Ambassador standards, testing condition, comparing to purchase manifest, and communicating to Full Time Tech any discrepancies and status updates.

-Processing obsolete equipment to sales department and properly communicating with team.

-Receive equipment processing documents from team and ensure accuracy per Camera Ambassador’s policies. Remove old inventory from Flex. Update any information about equipment in Flex. Communicate all changes with appropriate team members.

-Keep FLEX up to date with OOC equipment, equipment going to sales.

-Keep Asana up to date with all and any notes, communication should have a paper trail.

Maintenance & Repairs:
-Knowledge and ability to perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting requirements of all rental equipment.

-Repair, when able, all rental equipment and if not able, coordinate repair through appropriate channels and ensure the down-time is minimized.

-Manage all tasks related to equipment and that it is being handled in a time efficient manner.
-Ensure that repairs, processing equipment, and rental orders are not falling through the cracks.

-Be the face for pick-ups & returns when there is no rental manager or Admin to check clients out or back in

-Provide excellent customer service to each and every customer you come in contact with. When directly helping or when just walking by them be friendly, helpful, polite and professional. Be the main point of contact for a customer whenever equipment issues arise.

-Answering calls & text messages on the tech line to support customers and rental admins with choosing the best equipment for the job, troubleshooting gear issues that arise during a rental, and answering all questions related to equipment.

-Answering calls & text messages on the main rentals line to support customers with general and gear questions and routing calls to appropriate channel. ONLY when all rental managers are unavailable.

-Assist customers and complete rental pick ups by communicating any relevant information from techs, completing all appropriate forms, taking payment, and logging updates in Flex.

-Once orders are confirmed Print Pull sheets & put them in the appropriate bin for techs to see

-When requested and as required, make deliveries and pick-ups of equipment.

-When necessary, create quotes, send documents, and book orders.


-Stay up to date with Today’s agenda on Asana, this helps techs know what projects/task to work on next

-Train Interns, T1s, T2s and FT and oversee all their work responsibilities to ensure tasks are being done properly and safely. Communicate with managing partner when observing something that needs additional support.

-Create systems and maintaining the overall integrity and organization of equipment and tech department.

-Receive information from T1s, T2s, and FTs and properly document it and take action accordingly.

-This can be done via Asana and/or emailing Rental Manager about order issues.

-Continue developing and maintaining Camera Ambassador’s Internship program.

-Support the overall health of the Camera Ambassador tech team through leadership and development. Be available to give and receive feedback. Create an environment where people are growing and feel comfortable to be honest.

-Give performance reviews and hold meetings.

-Create and communicate weekly schedules for T1s and T2s via email.


Send a cover letter and resume to Erica Duffy by clicking on the external application button. Any incomplete application will not be considered for review.

Experience / Skills


-Strong Managerial Experience
-Advanced knowledge of film equipment
-Able to identify and repair minor damage or broken equipment
-Strong Customer Service

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