Hello All,

After graduating from BU in 2018, I spend a year traveling across the US to shoot a personal passion project. Right now I have all the footage and a rough master edit, but I am in need of a professional editor to handle the post production end of things to perfect the movie to its best possible outcome in terms of editing.

Here is the story synopsis:

A man’s future-self kidnaps his former unthinking-self from Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and force him to embark on a reflective journey to find the truthful meaning of life in the real world outside. With the future-self’s power to transport anywhere in the world, they visit the infinite vastness of nature itself, the epitomes of evil and goodness in the human kingdom as the unthinking-self goes through rapid transformation in its existential odyssey and comes to a conclusion at the end of its journey.


All footage shot on Raw 4K on Canon C200

Roughly edited on Premiere

Total footage of 8.7TB stored on 10TB hard-drive, very organized with detailed editing sequences(Out of State editors who are interested, if everything goes ideally for everyone, I can send the Hard-drive to you for editing.)

I intend to edit two versions of the story: One of a director cut that runs around 50 minutes and another 30 minutes cut for festivals.

Please answer these cover questions in your email:

1. Can you tell me your thinkings on the story itself? Have you read the script?

2. Why do you want to edit it?

3. Do you have an editorial conception as to how should this story be edited?

4. If you are to edit it, what would be your approach and how are you going to execute?

Script and a rough edit sample could be found here:


Rate negotiable. I'm fully funded but it's not big budget.

Hope to hear from you,