Apple’s Interactive Media Group (IMG) provides the media and graphics software foundation across all of Apple's innovative products, from iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, to Apple TV, macOS, CarPlay and AirPlay-2 with core technologies such as Metal, Core Audio, Core Video, Core Animation, and more.


As a Media Quality Engineer on the IMG Media Quality Team, you will work reciprocally with a team that utilizes its in depth knowledge of underlying video technologies, content mastering, distribution encoding, content delivery and media framework operation to perform subjective and objective video quality analysis of a wide range of Apple products to ensure we’re delivering the best possible video experience to our customers.

Experience / Skills

Key Qualifications

-Hands-on experience working with embedded and desktop platforms, using a wide variety of media, engineering and software development tools and interfaces
-Hands-on experience in video systems and related technologies - video compression standards (H.264, HEVC, AV1), video quality metrics, common video tools and video frameworks (E.g., FFMpeg, X264/x265, OpenCV) and OTT content delivery technologies (HLS, DASH)
-Knowledgable in emerging video format technologies such as Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG-HDR and how display technologies (OLED, 2D-LCD) and capabilities (contrast, brightness) get along with these formats to deliver the user experience. Understanding of WCG and other color technologies is a strong plus.
-Proficient and flexible programmer, from modeling in Matlab to optimizing in compiled code such as C, C++, Objective-C and Swift to scripting in Python, Bash and Make
-Proficient in Linux/Darwin command line environments
-You have excellent judgment and integrity with the ability to make timely and sound decisions
-You have an ability to stay focused and prioritize your workload while achieving extraordinary quality
-You are upbeat, adaptable, and results oriented with a positive attitude

Education & Experience

-BS or MS in CS/EE or equivalent

Additional Requirements

-iOS/macOS development experience, Experience conducting or participating in Subjective Quality user studies