COMPANY: Americas Voice Network


Must be local to location or willing to work as a local.

Americas Voice Network Located in Washington, DC studio has an opening for a Technical Director(TD) /Editor/Camera Operator to manage the production of both live and recorded materials.

This position is responsible for ensuring all equipment/facilities are checked out and ready prior to recording sessions and live broadcasts.

Other responsibilities include switching video sources through a video matrix switcher, performing live digital effects and transitions, plus insertion of pre-recorded and live material and graphics as instructed by the News Director or Producer.

-The TD is responsible in providing input into the creative side of the production on both the video and audio aspects of the programming.

-The TD is responsible for the technical quality of the signal being recorded or broadcast and will use various measuring devices and displays to ensure quality control.

-Familiarity with the Tricaster 8000 is preferred but not required.

-This position also includes Video Editing duties so familiarity with Adobe to edit field packages from raw materials is required.

-This is a very fast paced live studio environment so the ability to think on your feet is a must.

-This is a full-time position and could require working assigned shifts on weekends.

Experience / Skills

-Familiarity with the Tricaster 8000 is preferred but not required. Adobe Suite

About Americas Voice News


Americas Voice is a platform that fosters the real voice of America!

At a time when traditional values continue to get trampled by conglomerate news-networks, Americas Voice provides a platform for audiences to be a part of the story so we can broadcast the true opinion of the masses!

So, if you’re tired of politicians and mega-media outlets telling you how to think and how to feel, then get engaged with Americas Voice…and make sure they never forget who holds the true voice of the people!

At America’s Voice we’re flipping the script on today’s one-way news. Instead, we’re seeking high audience-participation across our 24/7 programming. You’re not just a viewer anymore… you’re a contributor!

There’s finally a platform for your news, your opinion and your voice…its Americas Voice!