The CBS Evening News is a Broadcast Associate, DC based:

The CBS Evening News Broadcast Associate is an entry-level position which supports all members of the broadcast. The ideal candidate is a team player with exceptional organizational skills, is detail-oriented, and has the ability to both multi-task and keep a calm head under pressure while maintaining a positive attitude.

-General news desk duties (answer telephones, various administrative assignments).

-Assist producers in various capacities (transcribe tape, retrieve archive tape, research stories).

-Set up logistics for Zoom interviews and log interviews for producers.

-Log data for various Washington, DC political stories. A good knowledge Washington DC political key figures is desired.

-Prepare ("break") scripts nightly for Anchor.

-Attend twice daily rundown meetings (morning and afternoon). Pitch future stories at morning staff meeting.

-Assist Producers in all bureaus as needed (feeding tape, etc).

Experience / Skills


-- Internship or comparable experience working on a news broadcast.

-- College degree desired.

-- Able to work under pressure and under strict deadlines.

-- Strong communication (written and verbal) and organizational skills.

-- Able to work occasional weekends.