We are an agency currently working with several virtual conventions. We have a studio in Irvine that we work out of. Our work is server-based, meaning you have to be on-site to access the server projects. If that's a deal-breaker, then please DO NOT apply.


We are currently editing several projects for virtual conventions.

We will be working on these projects starting February 8th.

We are looking for editors that have at least 5 years of SOLID experience in After Effects and can pick and choose a block of time they can commit to this lineup.

This project starts February 8th and ends February 19th. If you can’t make all of those days, we’re flexible. We just need to know a schedule that you can commit to.

The pay is $500-$750 a day, based on experience.

Good working knowledge of After Effects and Premiere Pro CC is a must. You must have previous experience and knowledge of dynamic linking from Premiere to AE. Speed and accuracy are essential.

We are looking for an editor who can do titles and basic graphics and animations for giving motion to pictures. Must be able to edit and work in After Effects.

Duties include:
- Cleaning up program feeds
- Premiere basics
- Dynamic linking to AE
- AE graphics work MUST be solid. The ability to animate picture in picture type setups. Make the motion smooth, elegant and clean
- Doing basic first cuts on projects if applicable
- Ability to master/mix audio e.g. dialogue, music, SFX

Please submit your resume and your most recent editor reel and include an introduction to yourself.

Experience / Skills

-At least 5 years with After Effects.
-Premiere Pro CC

About Agency X

We are a video production company based in Irvine, CA.